Manifesting with Angels 

Discover how to deeply communicate with your guides, angels and spirit beings. 

Because you found your way here, deep inside you know you have a special calling. A life calling. A soul calling. Yet, you have not allowed yourself to step fully into your calling. That stops right here, right now!


If you've been asking for a sign, the sign is right in front of you. I have a message for you...starting with this short video. 

4 Week Virtual Training

featuring Soodabeh Mokry


A message from Soodabeh...


If you’ve ever felt stuck in a dark place, you are not alone. Now, more than ever, people are feeling alone, isolated and confused. 


I want you to know that I can relate. With everything that’s happening in the world today - from the stress of the pandemic to the rise of unemployment rates - you might often see yourself feeling hopeless or directionless in life.


I’ve been there too. Then I made a conscious choice to move beyond the trauma of my past . I chose to heal, and I want you to know it’s possible for you too.

On my own journey I faced loss and what seemed like endless adversity.


I was lost.

I didn’t know what to do.

I didn’t know where to turn.

I didn’t know who I was.

I had yet to find my reason to fight.

It took me a while to comprehend that we all have a purpose in life, and my mission now is to guide you to yours.


All I knew was the vision I had, and that there was a choice to be made…


And I’m here to say, you can make that choice too, and I’d love to guide you along the way by manifesting with angels.


It’s my personal mission to set your future free by healing you from your past in this very special way.

I want to personally invite you to join me for a 4 week virtual course where you’ll learn about:

~Guided Meditations While Implementing Forms of Hypnosis

~What Working With Angels Means

~About ArchAngel Michael

~How to Let Go of The Past That No Longer Serves you

~Creating Deep & Meaningful Connection with Your Guiding Angels

~ArchAngel Of Healing, Rapheal

~New Powerful Beginnings

~Healing of Emotional Pain and Past Trauma

~Connecting With Your Inner Child

~Recreating Your Experience of Life

~Becoming Stronger and Move Forward


All of this will be teachings on how Manifestation Leading to Change is calling you.... are you ready to answer the calling?

All of these processes will contribute greatly to the healing of your past in order for you to fully and completely step into your life's work and purpose.


The Angels are waiting.


Will you heed their calling? 

Every choice you’ve made has led you to this moment. If you’re searching for new ways to expand your healing journey, I’m here for it, and THIS is your sign.


With ONE decision you can venture courageously on this path which surely won’t be the end, but the beginning of something wonderful and new.

I am proud of you for searching, taking action, to create the life you desire. The life you deserve.


Say YES! to yourself and I will see you on the other side, my friends!

Here's what you will experience...

  • Week One

    Clearing the Past 

    The past is often your greatest obstacle to present and future happiness, joy and connection. In this session you will learn to clear the past in order to release guilt, negative energy, blocks and anything that prevents you from reaching your fullest potential. 


    Clearing the past allows you to have more life energy. You heal in so many ways to become a vessel for what the angels have in store for you.

  • Week Two 

    Healing the Past

    Now that you have cleared the past, you are able to heal the past. 


    When you have the tools to heal your past you are able to fully connect with your angels.  


    In this session, you will discover simple ways to heal that go deep into your soul. The type of healing that allows you to fully open up to what the Angels have in store for you.


    The Angels are your partners. They work with you to create a Divine life.


  • Week Three 

    Connecting with the Inner Child

    Connecting to the Inner Child is the foundation for a joyful life. After you have cleared and healed the past, you are now ready to embrace the Inner Child who has so many blessings for you.


    No longer will you fear being playful, joyful and filled with gratitude. The Inner Child is waiting for you to play fully the game of life.



  • Week Four

    Protecting Your Energy

    I know with certainty that you have been attracted here because you are a very empathic being. They kind of being that shines your light, yet can easily watch that light dim if your energy is not protected. 


    To fully Manifest with Angels, it's essential to know how to protect your energy. Simple clearing process that bring you back to center and your power. 


    You will discover the power of the word "no" when appropriate, the divine path of saying "yes" when called to and so much more. 




Soodabeh Mokry knows exactly what it feels like to live a life that is shattered, filled with fear and more hopeless by the day. Escaping her war-torn homeland at the age of thirty, Soodabeh discovered an inner strength she had no idea she was capable of. 


Embarking on a life-long journey of learning, self-discovery and enlightenment, Soodabeh is the epitome of an American dream.


Her fantasy of a happy life in the United States as a refugee from Iran was replaced by a nightmare when her marriage ended shortly after she arrived. She was left alone with two young children, no money, no family or friends, and the challenge of learning a new language.


Embarking on a spiritual journey that continues to unfold to this very day, Soodabeh has made it her life work to teach others how to manifest abundance, while living a life of joy, serenity and happiness, regardless of their past, their current circumstances, or what seems to be a limiting future. 


By sharing her personal story of faith, courage, perseverance, and overcoming adversity, Soodabeh inspires people to move beyond our limitations to create lives we desire.


Supported by her thirty years of medical experience and the data behind both Western and alternative wellness techniques, Soodabeh empowers people by providing the step- by- step tools to achieve our goals.


Today, Soodabeh is a Spiritual Life and Business Coach. Registered Nurse, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Angel Intuitive Practitioner, and Holistic Wellness Teacher.


Soodabeh has worked with people suffering with heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain – many of whom come to her after other attempts and relapses. Soodabeh believes that there is always hope, and she is committed to helping people live healthy and happy lives.

We are each born with the power, passion, and determination to experience a harmonious and fulfilled life. Sometime our challenges seem to prevent us from reaching our full potential. Limited thoughts and beliefs that we learn from our parent and communities may encourage us give up and settle for less.

But Soodabeh’s message in her patient sessions, presentations and programs, and writing is this... you are not bound by any circumstances. You are capable of manifesting and creating the life you want. You own the power to create your destiny!


Soodabeh Mokry inspires her patients, audience, and reader to a new level of understanding of the resilience of the human spirit – and inspires them on to action.

Get started on your path to connecting with your Angels today!

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Rave Reviews 

Here's what others are saying about Soodabeh Mokry

​Gia Shaw 

Massage Therapist and Diamond Distributor at It Works Global

I Discovered My Gifts


Working with Soodabeh has truly transformed my life. She provided clarity and insight and helped me discover things I knew deep down but was unable to uncover on my own.


I cannot count how many times something has come up and I say to myself.......that is what Soodabeh was referring to.


Sometimes the angels give us guidance that doesn't make sense at the time but later things occur that remind us of what they were trying to convey. Soodabeh helped me to discover my gifts and learn to trust myself.


I am getting in the habit of asking guidance from the angels every day. I cannot count how many times I have had concrete confirmation that there was a divinely guided message.


Opportunities arrive when we start listening and trusting ourselves.

Charlette Kurfurst

Founder -  CK Hair Design

Transformed My Life


Soodabeh helped me through a very difficult time. I first went to one of her group workshop which inspired me to see her in a series of private sessions. She helped build my confidence as well as many other issues through hypnosis.

Working with Soodabeh transformed my life. I was able to discover and connect with my intuition. I learned how to receive messages from my guardian Angels gradually.


It has helped me to heal my past knowing I have my guardian angel's help, guidance, and protection.


I call upon Archangel Michael, Rafael , and Gabrielle often which has has been comforting and helpful in my journey. I'm very grateful to have met Soodabeh.

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