Soodabeh Mokry is the epitome of an American dream. Soodabeh knows exactly what it feels like to live a life that is shattered, filled with fear and more hopeless by the day. Escaping her war-torn homeland at the age of thirty, Soodabeh discovered an inner strength she had no idea she was capable of.


Her fantasy of a happy life in the United States as a refugee from Iran was replaced by a nightmare when her marriage ended shortly after she arrived. She was left alone with two young children, no money, no family or friends, and the challenge of learning a new language.


Soodabeh is the author of the powerful Amazon #1 Best Selling book, Emerging You and the immigration memoir, Angel Nightingale.


Supported by her 30 plus years of medical experience as a registered nurse and the data behind both Western and alternative wellness techniques, Soodabeh empowers people by providing step-by-step tools to achieve success.

Soodabeh Mokry